Frequently Asked Question

Forex Robot

1What is the difference between Angel EA and Tufan EA ?
Angel EA do work very well in first and slow market position, but Tufan EA only do work very well in first market position. Angel EA made by different type various strategy, but Tufan EA made by only Trailing strategy.
2What is the difference between Tufan EA and Gangster EA ?
Tufan EA can do work very well in first market position, but Gangster EA can do work in both of position in market place. Tufan EA made by Trailing strategy, but Gangster EA made by only Martingale strategy.
3What is the difference between Gangster EA and Angel EA ?
Angel EA and Gangster EA both of this EA do work very well in first and slow position of market place, but Gangster EA getting trade both of side on market and perform very well. Angel EA made from various type different modified strategy, but Gangster EA made by use to take martingale strategy only.
4Which robot is the best ?
Our all robot is very good. All of our robot can do work very well, but it depends on your accounts and it's deposition scale.
5How much money would have to deposit in which Robot ?
All about of information given below under the Robot description. Watch there...
6How can i buy this robot ?
All of information about it you can see in how to buy can find out answer there. read more
7How much time in i can get robot ?
When we will receive your payment confirmation documents, than we send you robot way to via mail within highest 1 hour (Business time) as soon as possible.
8How can i understand robot doing work welly ?
Our all robot's statement already given in our website, u can check out there. If you achieve advantage from this demo than you can buy this robot otherwise you have no option.

Account Manage

1How much money have to deposit for managing account ?
You have to deposit minimum 5000$ require for manage account.
2Which broker recomended for open account and what previlage include with it ?
You would like to deposit in our listed broker in our website.If you deposit in our IB so it will consideration and reduction point profit sharing for you. IC Markets and Hot Forex is the best of these.
3How much profit you have to share with us if you not involve under our recommendation IB ?
If you deposit under our recommendation IB link you have to few share profit with us. otherwise you are not under the our IB than you have to 55% profit share with us.
4Is it getting loss account ?
If account getting loss you can't indicate about it management responsibility, because all of trader knows forex market is high risky.but here have 20% level of risk factor.You should like to trade in forex market by own responsibility.
5How much time after you share profit ?
Every week in you have to share profit with us, account will be closed in every Friday have to share profit with us within next Monday otherwise account won't be started.
6share profit with us,don't you ?
Every Friday account will be closed , if you don't share with us profit within next Monday than account won't be started.